Apr 19, 2009

ice fishing

although the calendar says it's spring, the lake is still frozen. my wrist is still sore, so what better way to spend time that ice fishing in the sun... that's dad

the dog was running around all over

the dog is very curious

line, hook with wormbate going down

did i mention that the dog is curious?

this is what he got, a perch

lots more



and ready to be fried. you need butter (the real thing), barley flour and salt

some on the pan

ready to be eaten

this is finger food, best way to get the tiny bones out

another sour lemon cake. the donna hay cake was very good and super-easy to make so i wanted to bake one at the cottage as well. naturally, i forgot the latest donna hay issue home so i had to search the web for a similar recipe. i found one (will post it later, if i find it again...) that i "fixed" a bit, doubled the original recipe and adjusted the amounts a bit. don't tell my dad there is spoiled milk in it!

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