Apr 25, 2009

all bananas

in my fair and ever growing collection of cookbooks (remind myself to take pics to show you) i took the baked cookbook to bed with me the other night. there were a couple recipes that looked good, especially the banana espresso chocolate chip muffins. the wrist is still not right and this recipe requires only minimal stirring by hand, therefore ideal in my condition.

as i recently bought another gadget (yes mom, i do have some already but not this one...) i thought it would be cool to try it mashing the bananas (like i couldn't have used a fork) in this recipe.

the batter was looking ok, but you think it should be darker as i mentioned espresso and chocolate chips. well, i did some virtual tasting and decided that i didn't want coffee taste with banana, and i like chocolate chips better in cookies.

here, only slightly cooled, they still look quite ok. now, several hours later, they are starting to get an ugly color. i guess the baked boys were on to something adding darker ingredients in the recipe. well, live and learn. anyway, the muffins taste great and that's what counts in my book.

as i had the bamix out, and i was preparing fresh sausages from reinin liha at hakaniemen halli i decided that the sausages need a slaw and a slaw needs mayonnaise. haven't done mayo myself too many times, not sure why because it's easy and a lot tastier than what you get in jars. there is a very basic recipe in the booklet that came with the gadget, did add more lemon juice, though. and, as i had the oven on already, decided to roast some potatoes, carrots and sweet onions as well. this is what i had for lunch, it was a nice day so we lunched "out".

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