Mar 22, 2009

rabbit stew

this one is not for veggies. certain someone hunts, and it happened that the dog got a sniff of this little creature and the hunter was ready...

certain someone did do all the nasty stuff of butchering, taking the skin off and all that, my part was to cut and clean the meat. as the creature wasn't all that big, i was surprised about the amount of meat

the meat was in the freezer for approx 3 months, after thawing, i put it in red wine (spanish crianza, forgot the name) overnight with carrots and onions

the meat was dried and browned in cast iron dutch oven, carrots and onions were added along with a few whole black peppers and the wine

after approx 3 hrs in the oven, i fished out the solids, discarded carrots and onions, strained the liquid and put it back to dutch oven with the meat. added some cream with flour to thicken the sauce a bit, some salt was needed as well

mom made the mashed potatoes 'cause somehow hers taste better than mine, not sure if it's the amount of butter and/or salt she uses... lingonberries made the meal perfect. we did have wine with this, the same spanish crianza that was used in the marinade

prior to this i had had rabbit only once before and i was very prejudiced about how it would taste, or whether i would actually eat this at all. like a good girl i tasted some and actually liked it. this dish did not skyrocket to the top 10 i've ever done but was definitely one of the good ones

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