Mar 22, 2009

march break

this is one of the few cakes that my dad has actually said "you can make this again". well, he likes brownie / mudcake type cake i make. according to him most my baking has "spoiled milk" in them, spoiled milk would be cream cheece, butter milk, sour cream, etc. a taste he could never single out in a cake but he just plain won't eat. this one is cranberry vanilla coffeecake. i always double the amount of topping (if not triple...)

spent a week as a nanny at my brother's house, minding the nieces and nephew. did these earrings for the elder niece

and this necklace for the younger to enhance her pocahontas outfit. we all know what the theme of her next birthday is going to be...

the kids love spinach pancakes, so do i. they are easy to make: thaw 150gr frozen spinach, mix 2 eggs with 5dl milk, add 2½dl flour, pinch of white pepper and salt to taste, 2 tbs sugar and 2tbs melted butter or vegetable oil. i always add some grated nutmeg as well. let the batter stand for 20 mins and add the thawed spinach. you get best results on medium heat on a cast iron pan like in the picture, teflon pans work as well. i serve mine with lingonberries, always. the kids seem to like sweeter jams and preserves...

my mom's all time favourite is cheesecake, most often i make raspberry swirl cheesecake . occasionally raspberries become black or red currants, or both.

had never made the miniature version before, so decided to try it this time. usually i bake cheesecake in waterbath, this version seems to turn out ok also without, just lower the temp a bit. used the convection setting of the oven since i wanted to bake all 24 at the same time

they came out looking good, although they later became little soggy in the crust. probably need to adjust the amount of raspberry puree in the next batch

this one was great, deer in lorchel / turban fungus and cream sauce with carrots. simplicity in preparing this dish is best, the cut of meat was tender to begin with, so i just browned the meat with finely chopped onion, added some flour, salt and pepper, the carrots and cream, let all this simmer for about an hour. did have some lingonberries with this one as well

who said you can't have apple pie in the winter!?! basic patee brisee and green apples with cinnamon and honey inside...

with storebought vanilla custard

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