Jun 24, 2013

the moon & garden this morning

there it was, huge, sort of yellowish. more importantly, i remembered it was supermoon and went out to capture it.

it was miraculously light for a while, before the clouds came and ruined my view of the moon. i did go out later in the evening but only got glimpses of the moon behind the clouds passing by...

 there's been a lot of commotion at the shack lately (the county is digging for water mains) and you could see that this poor deer was rather confused of the changed scenery. i'm glad she didn't make a stop at my veggie patch!

this lilium martagon isn't doing so great. first, this spot used to be more shady but because of the digging for the water mains they had to cut down huge trees that cast a shadow to this spot. second and i don't know where they came but there's been a few uninvited guests in my lilies, namely scarlet lily beetles. nasty little buggers.

these blue babies are doing great, they pop up every summer, and are pretty as can be, campanula rotundifolia, the bluebell.

potatoes are doing great, no bugs (so far). will be interesting to see what the crop will be this year.

earlier in the summer i noticed that something is eating the leaves of my beets. wasn't sure whether it was rabbits or deer or maybe snails, but i figured a net of some sort (this is the same kind we use for berry bushes) would provide some protection. so far the nibbling has stopped. this year i'm growing carrots, parsnips, parsley root, yellow and red beets, and possibly a surprise because i yet again was too lazy to make notes on what i planted and where...

the corn isn't doing so great this year, hopefully they start growing soon or they won't be done when autumn comes. 

the shack sits partly on bedrock and they had to blast some of the rock in order to bury the water mains deep enough so that they don't freeze in the winter. certain someone had the crew bring the rubble to be used to extend the upper part of yard. the idea is to form a ledge of the blocks of rock, the crew will bring machines to do that. i'm already thinking what to plant on the ledge...

sigh. i'll just be quiet now.

the peony just is the most beautiful of flowers, especially the pink one. the pink ones have been in the garden for 20 odd years, their location isn't the most convenient but i don't dare move them. i planted the white one (actually 4 of them) about 5 yrs ago and this is the first time i get a blossom on any of them...

the dog then...he's taken napping, and digging, into new heights, or lows i should say. i can't figure out how he thinks he'll be able to perform his guard duties when he's stone cold out deep in dreamland. maybe we've been treating him with too many goodies and he thinks he's the king and kings don't have to do guard duty. or something.


  1. So good to see a post from you. I love peonies, you are so lucky to have them in your garden.
    I hope to get some moon photos today but with my tiny point and click not so sure.
    Love the dog napping so wonderful ! I lurve him.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. hi parsnip,
      sorry these posts take so long in between, i seem to have misplaced my mojo and it's taking good time to be found.

      oh yes, those peonies. certain someone's mom planted them ages ago, they thrive on their own. you have all the wonderful cactus flowers to enjoy, not sure i could manage any of that here :)

      took a peek at your moon shots, they are great!

      i'm sad to report that the dog's been a little naughty, he bit me and i ended up having to see the doctor. i'm ok now. thunder makes the dog drool and shake and generally not ok, had to tell him off and on the third time on the same thing he bit me. wish there was a way to find out what has been done to him before he was taken away from the first owner(s). it's sad if he's one of those dogs who get grumpy when they get older.

      bellyrub for the square ones!

    2. Post went ever you get a chance to and I will read it.
      I just enjoy reading about what is going on looking a all your photos.
      Sorry to hear about thedog. I hope he gets better and you too.
      Thunder drives daughter's dogs crazy. They were both abused rescued dogs who are living the life of spoiled gud dug now but both have lots of health problems.
      Thunder doesn't bother the Square Ones and now that Dr. Watson is very deaf I don't really know how much he can really hear.

      cheers, parsnip

  2. Where you live looks like where I live except yours is better! Love how you have planted your corn, all protected from crawly hungry things. The moon looks edible! Beautiful post! love!

    1. hi linda sue,

      how is here better, i think yours is better ;)

      the corn, last year i used the same method and got well over a dozen ears. this year i'm lucky if grow any taller than that! maybe the soil mixture was different last year...

      thanks! bellyrub for dexter :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 03, 2013

    Lovely photos of the moon. Your garden is impressive. I love the flowers. :-) Your dog has the right idea to take a nap. :-)

  4. hi paz,
    thanks, fortunately the garden mostly tends to itself 😉 the dog, the dog, the dog...the rabbits will start laughing at him, they bounce across the yard and he keeps on sleeping!

    1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2013

      Haha! That's good. Everyone is happy -- the rabbits and dog. :-)


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