Mar 5, 2013

braised red cabbage & duck breast

had some red cabbage in the fridge and a duck breast in the freezer (i'm constantly trying to empty it). in days gone by we used stay at the taverna hotel (now called mercure budapest) in budapest. their restaurant used to serve the best goose leg and braised cabbage. oh well, maybe once again one day...

i've tried to braise red cabbage "their way" but obviously never got it just right. nevertheless, i love braised red cabbage, even my way. this time i wanted to try cooking the cabbage in the pressure cooker, to save time, for one. i did some googling and found lobstersquads (fun drawings!) recipe for it. and made this dish my way...

my way really isn't a recipe, sorry about that. in addition to cabbage i used 2 red onions, an apple and 2 dl apple juice (lobstersquad doesn't use any liquid in her recipe). i added red wine and raspberry vinegar, you might want to skip the raspberry vinegar, i don't know what i was thinking...

my mom shreds cabbage with a cheese slicer which does make the cabbage a lot juicier, but i made a mess, i continued with a knife.

dump everything into the cooker...

...mix the ingredients somewhat. i took my potato masher to pack everything, did not want a purple explosion on the walls...did add some salt and black pepper before pouring the apple juice and 2 tbsp vinegar in.

after a mere 8 minutes of phiffing and whisling later...all done!

now that i look at the picture i remembered that i should have scored the skin...

fried the breast on medium for 6 mins per side, then foiled it for 10 mins.

very red but don't let that bother you, green salad would have been a nice addition.

the sun shone for a few hrs last week, it was nice on the deck.

sun was melting ice and snow, but we just got 20 cm more snow...

i'm going thru my seed collection and wondering what all should i grow this year.

however, the sun needs to get pretty busy melting all this before i can hide any seeds in the garden.



  1. That looks so good. I love duck and all things cabbage and means kimchee too.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. hi parsnip!

      kimchee...hmm, had it twice, an acquired taste i presume. duck was so easy to make, now i'm wondering why i waited to try it!

      belly rubs for square ones :)

  2. Glad I stopped back, the sweet doggie photo was not up when I read this the first time. So I am happy to see him now.
    Kimchee is made so many different ways from sweet to rip you face off. I just love it and there is always a jar in my frig.
    My son loves duck and so do I. We usually get a duck breast and fry it with the skin scored. So very good. Now I am hungry !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. the sweet doggie is feeling a bit sad, there are 2 suitcases in the hall and he knows that means his people are going someplace without him. well, grandma is coming to dog-sit, the dog will boss her around ;

      yes, i'm hungry too!

  3. i love your meal.

    nicely pedicured feet!

    should be interesting to see what you plant.


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