Jan 4, 2013

the dog gets gift

if you don't like squeaky sounds, please turn the voice off...


  1. hahahahahahaha... as I was watching this, The Square Ones woke up from the morning nap and were looking for the squeaky !
    For Christmas they received the best ball type squeaky. I posted toy pictures, no sound, today but when they review the toy there will be sound !
    I love how sweet Dog is looking at the package. You know he is thinking... just open it already !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. the dog seems to be quite curious about the squeakies (he got two), but is also very careful when picking them up, they SQUEAK! and that scares him...or something. also, these are the first toys that he doesn't want us to try and take away, he's giving a rather angry-wrinkly snout to us, so much so that he looks almost scary.

    i took a video of the dog when i put this video on, he looks very baffled as to where the squeakes are coming from...maybe i'll post that one next!

    bellyrubs for the square ones!

    take care

  3. Dexter gets squeaky toys a lot because I can not resist them. But he is deaf and will only play for a short time now that he is an old pup. My cockatiel loves squeaky toys- thinks they are speaking his language, I guess.

    1. i hear you on not being able to resist squakies...the dog certainly has way too many of them. poor dexter, old age isn't easy on any of us...bellyrub for him!

  4. What a fun gift! :)


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