Nov 3, 2012

all saints & sky

this furry fellow ain't a saint that's for sure...his favorite toy, the monkey he got from nyc, now has only 3 limbs and no eyes...i was so close to booking flights and hotel to nyc for this week, what made me not to do it, i don't know. i would love to be there, but i guess there are people who need the warmth and comfort of a hotel room more than i do. another time...

the weather was odd all day, it was foggy at 9.30am, but cleared pretty soon after that.

walking about in the garden, i noticed the pods in the martagons (lilium martagon). i was thinking of collecting the pods and spreading the seeds later in places where the lawnmower wouldn't get to them...

in the afternoon the day started to get weirdly orange. i'm sure the dog was just happy it didn't rain all day, again.

the high clouds were vividly pinkish orange.

ok, not this vivid. this one was instagrammed and i think i used lo-fi filter on it.

while certain someone was walking the dog, i ventured closer to the lake where the fog was making magic...

the camera in my iPhone just blows my mind sometimes. it's been months that i've taken my "proper" cameras out...

since it was all saints' day here in finland we went to the village cemetary to light a candle on certain someone's dad's grave. the tradition is to remember not only saints but members of the family who have died. we do the candle lighting ceremony also at xmas eve.

not sure which spooky creature this was, but most certainly he ain't a saint!


  1. That first photo just tugs at my heart. What a beautiful dog with the cutest booboo look on his face. I just want to reach in and give him a hug.

    The sixth photo... instagrammed was absolutely perfect !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. hi parsnip!

      the dog just cracks me up sometimes. this particular monkey makes monkey sounds, it took a while before he managed to get the sound come by biting just so, now that he got it, he still freaks out at the sound...this happens dozens of times a night, very amusing!

      thanks, the sunset on that day was just amazing.

      bellyrubs for square ones!

  2. Very funny last photo! very artistic.
    We are almost back to normal in Chelsea but it is pretty grim in parts of Queens and Long Island.
    But do plan to come soon.
    I'll go to the green market at Union Square for you tomorrow!
    pats to the dog

    1. hi elizabeth!

      thank you, he was fooling around with a flashlight...

      gosh, i want to come for 2 weeks, no chance before spring :(( maybe a week in feb/march, will definitely let you know.

      what did you get at the market? if there was a market...

      bellyrubs for buster!


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