Sep 27, 2012

delicate to disaster

how is it that this can turn into...


...into this...

into this? we were away for a week and came home to find that a huge branch of the biggest of the apple trees had fallen off in a storm. not exactly a welcome you'd need after a week in the sun...

nevertheless, certain someone got the chain saw out and got to work. sad, sad job.

hard hat needed.

my method to the madness, crates for still good apples, wheel barrow for the not-good ones, another for bigger sticks (to be dried, chipped and used later in grilling or smoking) and a huge bag for leafy small branches.

one of the elder neighbors said this has been the stormiest and rainiest september in 50 yrs. it certainly was gloomy yesterday...

one of six (yes, 6!) barrow fulls going to the compost heap. no pigs around to feed, taking some to a colleague for her chicken, though.

found these curious formations when hauling the smaller branches to where they'll be burned.

most of the mess cleared out...

...but at least a half day's work be done some day, when it's not raining...

certain someone thinks the big tree will still be ok after loosing the huge branch, i'm thinking maybe it's time to replace it. the trees must have been planted sometime in the early 1940s, because certain someone tells that they were big enough to climb on in late 1950s and early 1960s. if it comes to cutting it down, i know there will be a happy carpenter somewhere after the tree is properly dried and ready to be worked on...


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwww such sad news. I sorta know how you feel.
    Two winters ago the jet stream didn't do something and Canada sent some mass freezing weather to Tucson Arizona. Two night of 18 degrees and I lost most of my small but much loved citrus grove. One of the reasons I bought this home. Two tree where destroyed right away. Two are just hanging on, one is barley making it and one is just ok. I have had the tree surgeons out five times and I think we will have to cut down three before winter.
    I so miss my Tangelos, Sweet Oranges, Lemons, two kinds of Grapefruit.
    I am keeping two for all the birds who visit me. The fruit is very small but they like it.

    Your Apple Trees are beautiful.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. so sad about your citrus trees!!!

      blogger on google chrome is giving me hard time not allowing me to comment on my own blog, had to switch to IE, which in turn won't allow me to post on my blog, annoying!

      hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

      stay safe

  2. Yes, beautiful apple trees. Those apples look delicious!

    1. hi paz, and thanks, they still are, even with missing limbs...

      major troubles with commenting on my blog, not sure what has happened.

      stay safe!


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