Jul 13, 2012


there are several art exhibitions in my hometown every summer, most notably always something felted, as at one time there were 3 felt "factories". they usually coincide the exhibitions for the same weeks and you get in to all of them with the same ticket.

first off, my apologies for the artisans and artists whose names i didn't get, or forgot.

first one is by tekla piispanen, joustaisinko? / should i bend?

the title is cupping (which is an old form of therapy)

anja suhonen, ansaittu lepo / a deserved rest

anja suhonen, tahdon / i do

hannu leskinen-estola, koirankarvaviitta / cloak made of dog hair

dutch felting association felt kontakt, tiles

this particular caught my eye...

hats galore

shoulder bag

one example of wish you were here -collaboration where 16 artists from around europe studied finnish culture, tradition and nature by the means of felting and photography.

felting meets photography

local visual arts club koillisen hämeen kuvataideseura värinä puts up an exhibition every summer as well. this one is a detail of a larger piece called denim babies.

eila tiirinen, kaikki mitä tarvitset / all you need

local ceramics club has made these to be used in garden, scaring away pests

more info on finnish felting here.


  1. Such a fun post.
    I have never felted anything --except by accident!

  2. thanks! yes, i've experienced that accidental felting, too.

  3. AnonymousJuly 26, 2012

    As far as I know none of the pieces above is Tahdon / I do, by Tekla Piispanen. The first one is by Tekla Piispanen though.

    1. thank you for the correction. now that i've searched more, "tahdon" is by anja suhonen... will amend this on the post.


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