May 2, 2012

start of swimming season...

for the dog, that is! while were away most of the snow was gone and the ditches and streams are filled almost to the brim. along the walk one has to be on guard as the dog will dash to a ditch without a warning. one day i was brushing the dog, the amount of hair that comes off...for a moment i thought of saving the hairs and knitting mittens of them but decided that the birds, and maybe squirrels, will have more use of them as their bedding.

at and around this tree the dog usually becomes very restless, there is a feeding place for deer near by.

last week it was time to change the tyres, the dog had to check each and every one of them...

"a treat, please, pretty please?"

plenty of anemone nemorosa this year.

noticed this hole on a pine along the walk, seems like no one has claimed residence in there yet.

this old tree always looks so dramatic, no matter what time of year, or day.

the other day a pair of woodpeckers were making quite a racket in the trees.

the dog doesn't particularly like woodpeckers, but he surely likes dipping his paws in the ditches.

the catkins are a bit late this year.

right after certain someone got the dog from the orphanage, the dog fell into the water and went under a bridge that used be on this very place. certain someone jumped into the ice-cold water and got the dog by the neck. it seems certain someone is more traumatized of the incident than the dog, who will happily go into water. they have since built this dam where the bridge was.

"wonder if there is anything to eat in the water?"

trees are starting to show slightly green on the tip of the branches.

the daffodils were seriously late for easter. "is this edible?"


  1. Buster and I loved coming along for the nice country walk!

    Very wet here and a bit boring!

  2. The best dog walk ever !
    Love "the dog" sweet little face and the love of water !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. thanks elizabeth!
    we'll get buster a pair of all-weather overrals to protect his mane, his clean-up would take longer than the walk! the amount of sand the dog drags in...

  4. hi parsnip and welcome!
    we have stopped telling the dog how many comment on his good looks...he started to think he can have the best spot on the couch!


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