Mar 13, 2012

spring weather & march moon

spring weather is weird, one day it's a snow storm, next day it's sunny, the temp anything between +5C and -20C (during the night). in a sunny looking weather you never know by looking out the window if it's going to be warm or very chilly outside.

i drove to work in this storm, along the very slow 11km trip there were 2 cars wrapped around street signs...

this fine day was hell to walk the dog as the road was super icy. i did have the attachable studs on my shoes to very little help, though.

the dog enjoys the sunny days.

he loves to stop and have lookouts for rabbits or deer on the fields.

but gets very impatient when i call the stops for taking pics...

...but then remembers i'm his key to food that waits after we get home.

march 8th, 19.05 hrs at the cottage, the full moon was rising

it rose quite fast, i struggled to get my camera ready to get these... wasn't that cold but the wind was biting my fingers badly.

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