Feb 19, 2012

remedies and snow

i got back from my trip a week ago monday evening, very tired after long flight and a layover. tuesday morning i felt semi-ok, little tired despite the 12 hr sleep. by tuesday evening i started feeling like the biggest flu is coming my way, wednesday i tried home remedies and by thursday i needed to see the doctor. bad sinusitis and whining in my right lung is what i had and from thursday on, i've more or less been in bed. the doctor recommended nasal irrigation (with the blue device) and i've been drinking blackcurrant cordial as it has lots of vitamin C. i'm starting to feel fairly well, the cough is persistent, though.

on the evening of my return, the dog used the warm transformer of my laptop as his pillow...

last few days we've been getting more snow than certain someone likes. it seems it's going to snow all day today, already the snow has made strange contours on my car.

the wind is whisking the snow in every which way...

fortunately one of the village guys comes to plough when there is snow.

with this type of snow it's best to use the blower attachment in his tractor.

the dog doesn't like the tractor very much...

...and is back in his armchair right after the tractor leaves.

it will take a few more days for me to sort thru the travel pics, will post some later next week.

1 comment:

  1. TOO MUCH SNOW!!!!
    do hope you are feeling better
    and that the pup is keeping you company in bed.
    Sending lots of love.


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