Jan 29, 2012

easiest roast chicken & veggies, dessert

another take-along lunch...very easy and not too bad for you, lots of veggies, or all veggies if that is what you like.

the difficult part was to grate the peel of one lemon, mix that with 1 tsp crushed black pepper and salt...

...then rub that on the chicken, and put the chicken in one of those oven bags...

...and place the bag next to roughly diced veggies, potatoes washed with peel on, carrots and parsnips peeled and diced, one fennel sliced into 1cm slices. 45 mins in 200C oven and you're done.

certain someone chose oregano as the herb.

i got two lunches and some munches of this.

dessert was on the easy line as well, quark, 2 bananas...

...seeds of half a pomegranate, some milk and an immersion blender.

garnished with more pomegranate seeds.


  1. Thanks for making me very hungry! ;-)


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