Nov 1, 2011

a job for a dog

meet reino, a karelian bear dog, a finnish breed hunting dog.

i met reino at the cottage today, after he and some people had done what these particular people do at hunting time. if you don't eat meat you might want to skip this post. there is no blood and guts, but pics of the kills. consider yourself warned.

there is a quota of how many and what kind (female, male, calfs) of moose a hunting club can shoot. today they got 2 of the calf quota.

this time of year you'd want to be wearing something red or bright when in the woods...

for such a fierce hunter's help, reino was surprinsingly mellow.

there is a lot of work to be done before any parts of these are on the dinner table. there are some pics of the procedure on my post from 2 yrs ago.

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