Sep 29, 2011

this is it...

today is the day, as you read this, i'm hopefully under the knife. the wrist is finally being operated today. i'm quite ancious to find out if the good doctor has managed to get some bioabsorbable "padding" to be used inbetween the radius and ulna, or will he have to cut out something (ligament?) from my thigh...another scar here or there, i could not care less. just fix my wrist, please!

this time around i intend to make sure that i don't do anything to jeopardize the wrist whilst in the cast, therefore...

...i've got myself a few books to pass the time (there is some more coming from amazon). i've warned certain someone that he has to cook (we'll see how that goes!) and i've decided that i will go out to eat once a week, just to get out of the house (and not have any excuses not to shower and wash my hair...).

i'm trying the hardest not to think how tedious and challenging it will be to manage everything for the first few weeks with the cast up to my armpit. i'm hoping the anaesthetist doesn't mess with my head and i get to go home sooner rather than later. i seem to get a very bad hangover reaction to certain drugs they use for the narcosis...

i'll be back in a few days, once i'm sure i've worn off the mind altering funny drugs!

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