Jul 9, 2011

pickled herring & grilled leg of lamb

my luch yesterday, new potatoes, serrano ham, olives, swiss cheese and tomatoes.

certain someone's lunch, similar but with pickled herring, which is supposed to be a delicacy...i have never been able to eat even a tiniest piece of pickled herring, there is something, well, fishy about it. but don't let me stop you from trying it if you ever get a chance...

this is how it's supposed to be at its best, with new potatoes...

another food that i'm not too eager to eat is lamb...we had a leg of lamb in the frrezer and i thiught it was time to cook it. i had decided on grilling it and made a marinade out lemons, fresh oregano, mint, thyme and parsley, garlic, salt and olive oil. put the ingredients into a plastic bag and let marinate over night.

wiped the surface clean before placing on the grill. 10 mins on both sides on a medium flame, then 15 mins on indirect heat.

let it rest for about 5 mins (we were hungry...)

only a minute longer and the meat would have started dry out, how lucky i was! certain someone thought that this was my best lamb ever, and better than anything we had in italy. well, thank you. i can't say it was bad but there is this thing with lamb and me...call it prejudice, call it something else, all i will say is that the marinade was spot on, will have to try it on something else as well.

heated some let-over potatoes on the grill and made a cucumber-avocado salad with lime-dijon -vinaigrette.

his and her drinks. white wine spritzer and tequila with lime, demerera sugar and soda water...

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