Jul 12, 2011

grilled veggies & ham wrapped potatoes

last week i went a little crazy at the produce counter...it seems i have developed a craving for zucchini and eggplant, bought too many and needed to figure out what to do with them (it was too hot to even think about cooking them in the oven). decided to take the easy way out...grilling them outdoors. i had also gotten two huge sweet white onions that i sliced thickly (1½cm) and skewered them (did soak the skewers for 20mins in water) before placing on the grill for a few mins per side, delish!

the sweet onion wasn't totally co-operating with me, the slices were breaking up when i inserted the skewers, so i chopped some of them. luckily i remembered that i had a perforated grill pan (that i've had for, hmm, at least 5 yrs and never used...)

huge button mushrooms turned great on the pan as well.

zuzzhini, eggplant and the onions...

i had some left-over boiled new potatoes and some serrano ham laying around in the fridge...

this was a dangerously delicious discovery...the crispy, salty meat wrapped around the sweet, soft potato, they were good even cold.

after this lunch there was plenty left over for me to take to work, for certain someone to take to work. i even made a salad with couscous on the third day...

people, eat your veggies!

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