Jun 21, 2011

PW's pasta salad, sort of

not too long ago, i had seen PW make a pasta salad with tomatoes and gouda. lazy that i was, i didn't even look at the recipe, just boiled some pasta and went from there...final product here, with teriyaki salmon.

i used spelt pasta, these are good, they're whole grain and organic.

got some mini tomatoes and gouda...

got some parsley and basil, added some olive oil and white wine vinegar, black pepper, mixed and there was it. the taste was right, but something was missing...and maybe too much gouda...

i should have at least checked the recipe before starting, the original sald was called spicy pasta salad with smoked gouda and basil. i now see the "spicy" part would have made all the difference...there was some left over from yesterday's lunch, will add some chili powder and maybe cukes, and maybe some more pasta...and will try this salad again with proper ingredients!

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