Apr 20, 2011

lemon risotto with asparagus and peas

as i finally got the "real" risotto rice, carnaroli, i decided that i would do all the fancy stuff that goes along with the real stuff...and turned to martha for the recipe...

the recipe is from the martha stewart living cookbook, the new classics. couldn't find the exact recipe online, but there are several similar, just have your pick...here's what went into mine.

the carnaroli is from delideli at hakaniemen halli. i got some organic lemons in order not to get all the pesticides with the peel...and the parmesan! got that from hakaniemen halli as well, will not ever by the prepackaged version, ever.

my very messy mice en place. with all the stirring going on with the recipe i thought this was more than necessary.

i even got the wine called for in the recipe (by chance!!)

i still lack the experience of a real italian risotto but this turned out great, very fresh, lots of layers of different tastes. i bet it would have a whole lot better with lots more salt but i just can't put that much in...this would become a staple in my kitchen if not for all the stirring...too much work!

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