Feb 1, 2011

dry chicken enchiladas

dry enchiladas? yep, ended up not drowning them in tomato sauce, therefore dry. served with avocado, tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream with chili powder.

this was my attemp to make chicken enchiladas featured in the february issue of delicious magazine. or, perhaps i should say my version of their enchiladas. the recipe from the magazine isn't online yet, but here's one similar.

i used multigrain tortillas, bbq salsa, pineapple salsa, 500 gr chicken tenderloins, 3 stalks celery, one onion, parsley and gruyère (almost got aged cheddar from the store but decided that we had plenty of cheese in the fridge to use here)

first browned the tenderloins on a hot pan with some oil and placed them in a bowl to cool a bit before cutting them to 1 inch cubes.

sauteed the chopped onion and celery on the same pan (with the chicken juices and oil) until slightly wilted

added the celery/onion mix into the bowl with chicken, poured in the bbq salsa, half of the pineapple salsa and generous amount of parsley and mixed well

filled the tortillas and placed on an oven dish

poured rest of the pineapple salsa on top

there was some of the filling left so i just placed that on top as well before adding the grated cheese (about 1 cup)

i miss the cheddar here...

after 20 mins in 200C oven with fan on. my tastebuds would have liked more heat (chili/jalopenos), but my stomach was happy as was...serves 4.

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