Jan 13, 2011

mennonite girls' waffles

i might have mentioned already earlier that i've been searching for a good yeast-dough waffle recipe. i can't remember how i came about mennonite girls blog and lovella's overnight whole wheat waffles, but when i saw it i knew i had to try it.

the recipe looked very easy, and simple, but i did change something...had some 10% cooking cream in the fridge, used that and "thinned" it with water to make 2 cups of "milk". changed the butter to oivariini (liquid mixture of vegetable and milk fat, low-sodium, lactose free)

i wanted to make the waffles in the morning, one of the few mornings that certain someone are at the same place and awake at the same time...

the yeast had been busy in the fridge, all bubbly in the morning

my waffle iron then...it is not very good, but it is the best reasonably priced i could find after 2 yrs of shopping (i'm not kidding). i did find some fancy ones but they were rather expensive. i also figured that waffles aren't necessarily the best option for breakfast, whole wheat or not, therefore, a cheaper waffle iron would just have to make do. there were plenty of those round irons, but i specifically wanted a square one...

i like my waffles (and pancakes) just slightly browned. the batter made 8 of the double waffles and there were some left over. i warmed them in the toaster, and i swear, they were better on the next day!

ps. i seriously need start kicking my maple syrup habit...

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