Jan 3, 2011

happy new year & ramblings...

hopefully you've been kind to yourself with new year's resolutions. oh, could be most of us should contain less fat, more more fit, show acts of kindness to people we know (and to strangers), save the planet and be better persons overall. i happen to think that most of us have lives to live, jobs to go to and these things take a strain on you, taking too much on your plate isn't a good thing. i feel that one should balance duty and fun, the scales a tad more on the fun side!

i have, however, made one resolution: i will not, once again, buy clothing to myself in finland. let's face it, my closets are bursting even with boxes full of donated pieces, and i just won't wear out what i have any year soon. things might change if i need to start wearing my own clothes at work, but that's something i will not worry about right now. last year i succeeded pretty well on this issue, i only bought 4 items in finland (not counting underwear), not too much when travelling, either.

there are some gastronomical challenges that i need to tackle, making soufflé and creme brulee and flambeeing something (maybe i even flambee the creme brulee!). i will also start paying (more) attention to what there is in the pantry and fridge, and not to waste food because the best-by date was weeks ago. i'm pretty sure that certain someone and i could live for weeks with just freezer and pantry items. (it looks like we'll be eating a lot of rice in the coming weeks...)

lastly, there will some house-cleaning here at liisamarja's, some of it you can already see (however, this change needs a bit more adjusting) right now the sun is shining and the dog needs his walk...i'm heading outdoors, cleaning can always wait!

all the best for 2011, be kind to yourself!

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