Dec 26, 2010

my stuffed turkey breast

like i mentioned in my post on dec 23rd, the turkey breast was turned out quite pretty anyways...

i made the stuffing out of these:

dried aprocots
fresh parsley and sage, dried thyme
maldon salt & crushed black pepper

saved the parsley stalks and froze them to be used later in a soup

motorized gadgets make life so much easier

as the breast was so big, i needed to figure out how i was going to tie it. laying out the kitchen twine, bacon and sage leaves beforehand helped a lot

i was going for a rolled efect but the mere size of the breast set limits to what could be achieved

it took two set of hands to tie the monster (and to take pics)

i think the bundle spend little over 2 hrs in the 200C oven, but i did have a thermometer in it, took the meat out once the inside temp was 77C.

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