Sep 22, 2010

souvenir apple torte

certain someone's cousin's wife baked this buttery apple torte in ontario while we were visiting. the torte was lovely and certainly interesting (and i love her kitchen, have i mentioned that?) (well, while i'm at it, i love their house).

anyways, since the apples are plentifull, i decided to try this at the shack. now, planning is good, i most often plan, but this time something happened and this torte got to drive around a bit...

the recipe calls for either raspberry or apricot jam, i used my mom's raspberry jam that i thinned out a bit. kami's (the wife) recipe is originally from the magazine canadian family, but the recipe in the link is the same, brand names have been changed

i used 8 of these beauties, cored, halved and thinly sliced

my dough was a lot drier than kami's, but i managed to spread it on the pan quite evenly

this part was all new to me, jam between the dough and cream cheese

i used 5% fat cream cheese, not good. after adding one egg to it, i could pour the mixture onto the dough and jam. will definitely use full fat cream cheese next time to get a more substantial layer of cream cheese

sliced apples rolled in sugar and cinnamon went on top, with some sliced almonds

by the time i had put the torte into the oven i realized that i had an hour and a half to get the torte out of the oven and be at work on time...i ended up taking the piping hot torte with me in a huge pan with a lid. left the pan in my car to cool off while i was working...

and ended up having a slice at midnight when i got home. as you can see, the torte could have used a few more minutes in the time it will. i did like the cream cheese in the middle, it's almost like having vanilla pudding with the torte


  1. Thank you for nice recipe. Mine just came from the oven. Looks delicious!

  2. you're welcome! i will try one with apricot jam today...


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