Aug 1, 2010

wally salad, teriyaki chicken & slaw

i spent the saturday afternoon in the kitchen and set up my camera PW-style, hence the fancier pictures...

wally salad is my version of the waldorf is what went in:

200 gr celeriac, grated
200 gr parsnip, grated (or 4 stalks of celery sliced thinly)
2 apples (i used granny smiths) peeled and diced to ½ cm cubes
handfull of walnuts, roughly chopped
200 gr crushed pineapple, well drained
2 tbsp mayo (i used becel)

dicing the apples

took out my bamix (too lazy to dig out the big girl food processor) for grating the celeriac and parsnips

used the finest grater, thought celeriac might benefit from grated as fine as possible, as would parsnip, and they did, very juicy

the walnuts (which i don't like but do in this salad...)

all mixed in, i guess you could use more mayo but i think 2 tbsp is enough to give some body to this otherwise light salad

ready for some chill-out time in the fridge. this could be eaten right away but benefits from sitting in the fridge for a couple of hours

here's what went into my slaw: half a cabbage, some leek, carrots, mayo and sour cream

bamix worked overtime on saturday, here grating the carrots

mincing the leek

slicing the cabbage, first very thinly

then crosswise to cut the long threads

sour cream, 2 tbsp mayo, lots of crushed black pepper and white vinegar (1 tbsp), first mixed together then into the other ingredients

i love this salad and would eat it all the time if the cabbage didn't cause some embarrassing "side effects"...

that's teriyaki marinated chicken cutlets under the splatter guard. the chicken was marinated in teriyaki sauce for about 4 hrs (overnight would be best) in the fridge

first browned the cutlets on both sides in batches on high heat

then put them all back in the pan, poured in 1 dl of water, put the lid on and turned the heat off, and let sit for 5 mins to cook thru

my portion, did have seconds of the wally salad

usually i don't make such a mess as i like to wash up as i go but with the camera there and the fact that i was getting hungry...and i did do some baking as well on saturday so time was running out

that's better!

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