Jul 30, 2010

cooling off

the heat seems to be going away...i will not complain about it, just say that i'm glad that the temperature has come down to "normal" summer temps in finland. and will add that i have no idea how i ever survived summer of -98 in vukovar where the temp was hovering around +35C for weeks on end and the night-time temp didn't go below 28C

the dog for one is/was suffering from the heat although we've been taking him to swim to the lake at the shack. the leash in the picture you ask? hmm, let's just say that despite the heat the dog would find it in him to run away and maybe come back sometime when it would suit him, which would end up being rather very later than sooner

this picture was taken on tuesday after the swim, or should i say dive...one of his paws slipped and he went under, rhinarium and all (that's the snout, folks). he did look quite embarrassed getting out of the water, but i'm sure he didn't see any amusement in the situation (and i had already put away my camera)

the kids had so much fun jumping from the pier at the cottage

the lake is huge and the water temperature seldom rises above 20C (i should perhaps add that there are truly huge lakes on another continent). this summer there's been several days that the temp has been 24C. however, every time the winds pick up speed the waves cool the temp by several degrees

the kids had to go to my mom and dad to ask if i ever swam...i did, quite the seal in fact. i don't know what it is but even the 24C water wasn't "warm enough" for me. i had fun enough watching the kids

last evening the skies finally shed some water. there was thunder and lighting for an half hour (during which time the dog was under the table trying to control his trembling...) before the rain started, i've seldom seen that heavy rain in finland

the sky looked dark and furious. i'm glad the outdoor temps are around 20C to 23C, i just wish the shack would cool a bit as well. indoor temp of 28C isn't helping me to get much sleep...

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