May 22, 2010

crafty me

few weeks ago certain someone asked me to make a kinda sheet with the band's name on it. it seemed light sort of job so i agreed to do it.

i started by buying a twin size black sheet, but then i had to start thinking. he wanted the text to be white and in magneto font. i figured that if i printed the name letter by letter, as big as an individual letter would be on A4 paper, i could then cut out the letters and have a sort of crude template.

i also figured that my printer would run out of ink sooner rather than later, so i printed the letters in light grey and draw the outlines with a marker

i then taped the letters side by side, had to fix some of the letters as they were too wide for A4 paper

i had bought some of that sticky plastic that is used to protect school books (among other uses), took out my craft knife and scissors...

...and started cutting out the letters. taking out the protective paper from the back of plastic to adhere it onto fabric

once i got all the letters cut out...

...took out some white fabric paint and started painting

the black fabric took in quite a lot of paint

i peeled the plastic off almost immediately to check if the paint had bleeded. it had and it was quite easy to fix while still wet. also, i did fix places where there wasn't paint (here my knifing had obviously missed a place)

once the paint was totally dry, i reinforced the upper corners with grommets in order for the fabric not to tear when hung a wall

certain someone's band had a gig week ago friday. i wasn't there but the sheet looks kinda cool in the background, sort of professional...

ps. tomorrow i'm gonna go and make a little trip... tell you all about late next week. have fun, folks!

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