Apr 22, 2010


what was going to be an extended weekend trip to manchester, england, ended up being something quite different...

we arrived at manchester airport very late wednesday last week and the plan was to fly home on sunday. you all know what happend with the vulcano in iceland...

when it became quite clear that we wouldn't be flying on sunday, nor monday, we decided to make alternate arrangements. we ended up taking a train from manchester to hull on monday morning, on monday evening an over-night ferry from hull to zeebrugge (belgium), on tuesday morning a rental car from brugge (belgium) to stockholm (sweden) where we arrived on wednesday noon and wednesday evening another over-night ferry from stockholm to helsinki. the were buses and taxis in the mix as well.

none of us minded the extra days, money-wise maybe, but despite, or maybe because of the circumstances we had a great trip. nonetheless, i will need a few days to recuperate from the journey before i post pictures and such. bear with me...

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