Mar 30, 2010

new cast & veggie bake

first, let me tell you, they replaced the cast on my arm today, there will be pictures of the raw flesh later... now, don't say i didn't warn you!

this next picture was taken yesterday around noon... it's the end of march... shouldn't it be spring already? however, i'm still convinced that spring, and summer eventually, will come. i'm more concerned as to how certain someone can manage the wait for his new harley...

my ability to drive is not probably very high on the list of things you need, or even want to know but i will thank, again, my choice of transmission in my car all those years ago. there is no way i'd be driving a stick shift with this package. anyway, before my drive to my brother's i figured i needed something to support my arm, so i grabbed one of the pillows on my couch... a bit too fancy a fabric for a car, but the shape is perfect. i'm pleasantly surprised that my shoulders are doing fine despite the cast, i guess being a good patient and doing my exercises actually helps!

now would be a good time to skip two pics... if you don't want to look at what was revealed today at the hospital...quite a lot of padding in there

shortly after this picture, and after watching the stiches being removed, i asked if i could lay down...although, if you absolutely must pass out, hospital would be the perfect place to do it in

ta-daa! the new streamlined version of cast, it might even be possible to get a sleeve over this

now that i've grossed you out, here's what i cooked, well baked for dinner


with olive oil and dried thyme

50 mins in 200C oven, so sweet, so jummy, and there's plenty left for lunch tomorrow. i haven't quite decided if i like these better hot straight from the oven or cold and mushed on a rye sandwich...

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