Jan 4, 2010

shrimp mush & design humidifier...

mush? yes, eventhough i liked the taste, this wasn't perhaps one of the prettiest dishes ever made, but taste comes first, right?

it all started already last week, you remember, not enough eggs to bake, etc? well, eggs were not the only thing that i'd forgotten. anyways, i decided that there just has to be something in the pantry and/or freezer that will make up a lunch and some left over to take to work.

first i raided the pantry, got plenty of rice (all kinds...), i chose quick cooking brown rice. then checked the fridge and found these

then the freezer, plenty to work with there! like these shimps

this corn

these green beans

these peas

a merry mix in colander, thawing away

now, will this become a recipe, i doubt it, but here's what happened: i cooked the rice (plenty of it), sauteed 1 minced onion, added the thawed corn, beans and peas, chopped spanish pepper and grated peel of 1 lemon, mixed all this well. then added some chilli oil, ginger paste and pad thai sause (can't give amounts, 'cause i used what was left in the jars and bottle), perhaps i should say "add to taste"

had the thawed shimp in a bowl into which i added juice of 2 lemons ('cause i like lemon...) and 2 tsp of chilli powder, mixed well and poured onto the pan with other ingredients. it looked like this, there was plenty of it, like for 10 people.

tastes equally good cold (had some for lunch today). certain someone seemed to enjoy his share, said it was tasty and easy to eat (go figure what that means!) feel free to leave the shrimp out and go all vegetarian

the air indoors is very dry because of this frosty weather. i do hang my laundry indoors to dry, but that isn't enough to humidify the air in my apt. i tried to figure out how to fix the problem and remembered that way back when we used have a humidifier that was hanging on a radiator. this made me think hard, very hard...

then i saw this alvar aalto vase sitting and collecting dust... and came up with a solution. i poured some water in the vase and placed it on my warm raditor... i now have a design humidifier

luckily the radiator is wide enough for the vase to lay on properly and balanced (and that there is kinda "flat" side to the vase to lean on the wall). perhaps not quite how mr aalto intended his vase to be used but on the other hand, i now have a use for the vase (other than collecting dust, i mean)

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