Jan 14, 2010

2 x pancakes

click pancakes on my themes and you'll see that i make them quite often. this time i had some 4% milk (which was meant for rice porrigde during xmas) that was just sitting there. not that you couldn't make pancakes with fat-free milk as well...

i started by mixing the liter of milk, 4 eggs and 5 dl flour into a batter that i then divided in half. into the other half i added a pinch of salt, dash of white pepper and freshly grated nutmed, and 100 gr of fresh spinach (you could use frozen as well)

nutmeg going in here

i usually make the batter first in order for the flour to thicken the batter further, it can sit up to 30 mins.

although the package said these were washed, i rinsed and checked for bad leaves, took some of the thickest stems off, but the ones in good shape were left on. put the spinach into a colander and poured boiling water on to wilt the leaves, left in the colander to drain and cool

once the spinach is cool enough to handle, chop it roughly (or as fine as you like) and add to the seasoned batter

mix well and you should have something that looks like this

i use this very old cast iron silver dollar pancake pan, anything else that you might use for regular pancakes works. you'd want the pan on medium, even medium-low. the spinach pancakes are quite thick and if the pan is too hot you'd need to flip them before the middle part has had enough time to cook. this is not rocket science, so if you've ever made pancakes you're good to go.

when the pan is hot enough to start cooking, i add the tiniest bit of melted butter or liquid fat to the pan. (there is an explanation of this "liquid fat" in this link, look for liquid oivariini).

before you start cooking mix 2tbsps of either melted butter or the liquid fat into the batter and you're good to go. this is all the fat you need to cook them, and if you're using any non-stick pan you really don't have to use any fat at all (your pancakes might end up looking a bit anemic but they'd be fat-free)

i like mine quite light brown and thick

and i always, always eat them with lingon berries (that i have plenty of, thanks to mom who did all the hard work by picking them!)

now the other half of the batter, still remember that? it got 2 tbsp sugar and 2 tbsp liquid fat before i started cooking them. and since i was multitasking and cooking both savory and sweet at the same time, i used the big pan for the sweet ones

i know this may not sound too convincing but i really hardly ever use whipping cream on my pancakes. yesterday i remembered that there was some in the fridge (same xmas story as with the milk) closing in on its expiration date. so, what was i going to do, throw it away? (c'mon, it was perfectly good cream) that's raspberry jam from raspberries that... correct! that my mom picked and made into a jam...

there might be a recipe on my previous posts on the spinach pancakes but i will submit it to tasty kitchen and when that's done i'll update this post with the link.

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