Nov 27, 2009

yet another veggie soup, or not

rain, rain and some more rain. if all this rain had come down as snow there'd be at least 1 meter of it by now, but i guess nowadays late november isn't yet winter in southern finland. go figure.

well, rainy day is perfect for soup. yes, i made another soup. you are excused from reading further if soup isn't your thing today, or at all.

had carrots, root parsley, leeks, root celery, potatoes, chili in the fridge, and from the freezer the bundle of parsley sprigs on low left corner. i usually buy a big bunch of parsley, snip the leaves off and tie the sprigs with kitchen twine into bundles like this and freeze them to use later in stocks or soups

chopped them all up, poured 1 tbsp of rapeseed oil to non-stick kettle and made the veggies (except potatoes) and chili sweat for a minute or two

then added boiling water to barely cover the veggies, plus 1 tsp of dried lovage, some vegetable buillion from bottle and the parsley bundle. cooked these for 5 mins before adding the potatoes, then cooked until potatoes were done (approx 15 mins)

took out the parsley bundle and had great all veggie soup. ok, confession time...

... i had started by browning some frankfurters (light) and added them to the soup for the last 5 mins, added some minced parsley as garnish.

in case you didn't notice, there is no added salt in this "recipe". obviously, there is some salt in buillion and frankfurters, so this is not totally salt-free, rather very low sodium. lovage and chili give nice punch so that we don't miss the salt. all you need with the soup is rye bread with a slice of emmental on top

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