Sep 29, 2009

preparing for nyc & pasta

yes, i do realize it's close to midnight and it might probably be a good idea to go to bed already but... there are so many things to "get done". i've been tuning my NFT guide to NYC with small notes of places to see and restaurants to visit, making a schedule (how idiotic is that? new york isn't about schedules, it's the feeling one gets there) and listing this and that. certain someone is going to NYC for the first time so i gotta play tourist guide and take him to a sight or two

have taken out suitcases

thrown some clothes on the sofa as an effort to pack. i think the skirt and orange sweater will meet martha, not sure yet, maybe i'll find something better over there...

getting organized (another yes, i do realize that this is boderline obsessive)

my tuned NFT & schedule

called my friend in the city, she offered to pick us up from JFK, which is super-nice. we are also going to stone barns for harvest fest with other friends. they offered to pick us up from our hotel and drive there, which is also very nice, saves us the hassle of finding the right track at grand central

i think i'll be all set, eventually, provided i don't sleep much. oh well, there is the almost 9 hr flight, plenty of time to catch up on sleep

somehow managed to cook lunch before work, my staple, button mushroom pasta sauce, no meat this time, doesn't get any easier than this

sauteed the mushrooms in a very hot pan with tiny bit of rapeseed oil, added 1 dl of 4% cooking cream and 1 dl of water from the pasta, lots of black pepper, parsley and lemon juice to spice it up, no salt in either the sauce the water pasta was cooked in. my sin of the day was to use white pasta

plated, did use a splash of reduced-sodium soy sauce on top

another quick salad to take to work, arugula, basil, cucumber, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes in oil, no need for dressing because of the oil

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