Sep 24, 2009

another veggie soup & home decorating tip

first "bring lunch to work" after rehab. i'm not sure i should be using that particular word, rehab isn't primarily associated with getting fitness, nutrition and vocational advise. for a lack of a better word (any suggestions?) i will use it anyway.

had these veggies in the fridge and wanted to make some soup

i coarsely grated the celeriac, parsnip, carrots, potato, chopped the leek and sweet potato (that cooks fastest). put all that in a pot, add water to barely cover the veggies and bring to a boil, cook for 15 to 20 mins, or until the sweet potato is starting to fall apart, all other veggies will be cook by then (since they're in smaller pieces). i used vegetable fondi from this company. if you have homemade stock it's best to use that.(i was making this at my apt, all my stock is frozen at the schack)

i also had some cream cheese (light!), added approx ½ dl to the pot, along with chili powder (to taste), white and black pepper and thyme. the fondi has some salt in it so i didn't add any, you can actually taste the veggies when not using salt. i had wanted to make this very smooth, but my immersion blender wasn't home, so i used hand held mixer

this was what i got, almost smooth but yet some bite. somehow i always end up making too much soup, this time was no exception. i had it twice for lunch, froze 2 portions and there are some left for a very light dinner tomorrow

the soup was yesterday's lunch before work, i took these to work: lingonberry pudding, slaw-type (cabbage, carrots, red bell pepper, leek, no sauce) salad with cottage cheese and a sandwich (i did have some sinfull chunky blue cheese dressing left at work, but only a tbsp!)

i got a new chair for my desk at home not too long ago. i like the chair but the seat gets kinda warm after some time on it. one day i remembered i have these indian style pillow covers tucked away somewhere, took one out and it was a perfect fit for my chair

the covers are made of sari fabric and are quite stylish, i think. i've had these covers for ages, they are a bit tedious to wash (dry cleaning isn't that big in finland) but since they didn't cost that much, and i'm not using them for anything else, i might as well use them up one by one and toss them out after they start showing tear and wear

it's a wonder i haven't cut myself more seriously when chopping and peeling veggies. these 2 fingers lost only a small piece of nail... although i do remember one time, when i was approx 16 and working in a huge kitchen, that i cut my left middle finger quite bad. i was chopping lettuce and the cutting board suddenly turned red... they didn't let me touch a knife for a week

ps. although i managed to surprise myself with my computer skills not too long ago, i have some, well big, problems with downloading pics from my new camera to my laptop which refuses to recognize the new camera. i've done all the tricks to test all possible variations, no luck. so i took the easy way and switched the memory card from the new to my older camera and we're back to business, but there has to be another way... and yes, i do realize that i'm in a desperate need of a manicure

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