Feb 4, 2009


someone in cavtat, croatia, has aptly named their house happyland. we were in cavtat last may and totally enjoyed the whole trip, great scenery, great food, wonderfull weather. i've been to croatia before, there is something about that country that makes me go there again and again

our hotel hotel croatia has a wonderfull location on a cape above the town of cavtat. there are footpaths around the cape and hotel, you need to be fairly fit to walk around as the hotel is on a hill

food is one of the reasons i like croatia so much. my all time favourite is "ligne na zaru" (those fluent in hrvatska, please excuse my spelling) grilled squid

we were there in may, i guess the owner of this boat thought that there is still time to fix it before summer...

dubrovnik in the distance, went there by bus for a day-trip

not sure i would have enjoyed this many birds around me!

old town of dubrovnik is filled with narrow alleys, love the potted garden on this one

cavtat at night, lights of dubrovnik in the distance

not jealous or anything, someone got picked up by this one

to have a house with a view like this!

newly budding cactus

there was this house that we liked a lot, great location, some obvious damage to it, not sure if that is from the war or something else. we wondered how someone could neglect a house this beautiful, with a great garden in the back, so that it is slowly turning into ruins. so sad, almost made us want to find out if it is for sale... the picture was taken from a footpath behind the house, to catch the view from the house. i'm still curious to know the story of this house

succulent of some sort

love love love the pink

secluded courtyard

makes my mouth water...

another version of ligne na zaru

interesting mosaic on the entry walls of hotel

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